Engineering E-Books

  1. Consultant & Independent Contractor Agreements 5th Edition
    (down-load 1536 kb)
  2. Welded MomFrame Conn Min Residual Stress oct 99.pdf
    (down-load 1137 kb)
  3. Modeling of Masonry Infill Panels for Structural Analysis
    (down-load 5959 kb)
  4. Management tools 2005 an executives guide
    (down-load 1213 kb)
  5. Remediation Engineering Design Concepts (down-load 2886 kb)
  6. Soil Dynamics (down-load 2914 kb)
  7. Zamil Steel Design Manual (down-load 40347 kb)
  8. Steel Structures-BS5950
  9. Civil Engineering Formulas Pocket Guide ( down-load )
  10. The Aging Brain and How to Keep It Healthy ( down-load )
  11. newnes-accelerated testing and validation
  12. Modelling passenger flows in public transport facilities.rar
  13. Structural analysis with finite elements.rar
  14. Architecture Ebook Architectural Structures.pdf
  15. Structural Steelwork Analysis and Design.rar
  16. Excavations and foundations in soft soils (down-load 16738 Kb).
  17. Mansory Designers Guide (down-load 30887 KB).
  18. Masonry Instant Answer (down-load 1893 KB)
  19. Geotechnical MODELING (down-load 6146 kb)
  20. CHOPRA’S dynamic of structure (down-load 22410 kb)
  21. ASTM (down-load 95672 kb)
  22. Bowles-Foundation Analysis and Design (down-load 52789 kb)
  23. Concrete Structures – BS 8110 (down-load 7204 kb)
  24. Bridge Engineering Substructure Design (down-load 6908 kb)
  25. Bridge Engineering (down-load 17176 kb)
  26. Building Construction, 5 volume by BARRY  (down-load 52505 kb)
  27. MS Excel for RCC Design by Reinforced Concrete Council
    (down-load 6689 kb)
  28. STAAD foundation ( Part 1 :
    down-load 100 Mb) – (Part 2 : down-load 7 Mb)
    Petunjuk dari Sayeed tentang program ini yaitu :1. right click on setup.exe (which is in “stfnd_04.00.00.00_en” folder) file.
    2. Click on properties menu.
    3. Click on compatibility.
    4. Check the box in “Run this program in compatibility mode for”
    5. Then from drop down choose approporiate operating system.
    6. Now run setup.
    7. Also do this for setup.exe file which is in “Bentley IEG License Service” folder.
  29. Book in taking decision efficiently
    (down-load 1119 kb)
  30. AASHTO CODE for Bridge (down-load 17180 kb)
  31. The Finite Element Method (down-load 6402 kb)
  32. The Finite Element Method practical course – muya
    (down-load 10189 kb)
  33. Etabs9
    1. Etab9.part1_crack.rar
    2. Etab9.part2_crack.rar
    3. Etab9.part3_crack.rar
  34. books of structural analysis
    1. Tall Building Structures Analysis Design.rar
    2. Structural and Stress Analysis.rar
    3. Formulas for Stress Strain and Structural Matrices.rar
    4. Engineering Analysis with ANSYS Software 1.rar
    5. Advanced Stress and Stability Analysis.rar
    6. Load bearing panels.pdf
    7. Modern_experimental_stress_analysis_2004_.rar
  35. Foundation Engineering by Barja M. Das
    (down-load 9277 kb)
  36. books on project management
  37. Download Staad pro 2007 crack from here.
    1. STAADPro-2007_Crack.part1.rar
    2. STAADPro-2007_Crack.part2.rar
    3. STAADPro-2007_Crack.part3.rar
  38. Download Sap10 from here:
    1. Sap10_crack.part1.rar
    2. Sap10_crack.part2.rar
  39. Download Code (ACI 318-99, ACI 318-05 & IBC 2006)
    1. ACI-318-99 (down-load 11028 kb)
    2. ACI -318R-05-Building code and Commentary
      (down-load 2378 kb)
    3. 2006 IBC (down-load 18108 kb)
  40. two books on PUSHOVER analysis
    1. Pushover_analysis.pdf
    2. Evaluation of modal pushover analysis procedure using vertically regular and irregular generic
  41. The computer program given in floppy disk of Bowles soil mechanics. Download link is here: Bowles_computer_program_soil_mechanics.rar
  42. Column design software PCA col crack here:
  43. AISC manual of steel construction 3rd edition from here:
  44. CSI safe (Crack) for slab design from here:
  45. If you are a consultant you should read this book.
    Download from here: click to down-load
  46. If you have Staad pro software but not crack then download crack for Staad pro 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 from here:
    click to down-load
  47. Buried Pipe Design 2nd Ed. (down-load)
  48. Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering.rar

Link pada artikel lain yang terkait dengan tema di atas

ACI (American Concrete Institute)

  • ACI 351.3R-04 : Foundations for Dynamic Equipment,
    Reported by ACI Committee 351
    This report presents to industry practitioners the various design criteria and methods and procedures of analysis, design, and construction applied to dynamic equipment foundations.
    (download *.RAR 636 kb)
  • ACI 318-08 : Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary
    An ACI Standard, Reported by ACI Committee 318
    (down-load PDF 16.463 Mb)
  • ACI 315-99 : Details and Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement
    Reported by ACI Committee 315
    This document provides standards of practice for both the architect/engineer (A/E) and reinforcing steel detailer in showing reinforcing steel details. It is divided into three parts: one addressed to the A/E, one for the detailer, and a third providing a reference table and figures. It defines the responsibilities of both the A/E and detailer. It then establishes certain standards of practice for both the structural and placing drawings.
    (down-load PDF 859 KB)
  • ACI 318M-05 : Building Code Requirements For Structural Concrete And Commentary
    ACI 318M-05 is a complete metric companion to ACI 318-05. ACI 318-05 is deemed to satisfy ISO 19338, “Performance and Assessment Requirements for Design Standards on Structural Concrete,” Reference Number ISO 19338.2003(E). Also Technical Corrigendum 1: 2004.
    (down-load PDF 9.06 Mb)
  • ACI 336.2R : Suggested Analysis and Design Procedures for Combined Footings and Mats)

Eropa British dan sebangsanya

National Standard of the Peoples Republic of China

( Isi disalin dari:


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